Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Choose Juicy!

My birthday present for me myself! *tada*
Juicy couture Rm250 or Rm500 gift card. It is worth the buy as even the credit inside finish we can still keep the card. *woo~hoo~*

Even the receipts is damn nice and is in pink!
See FUCKEE bought a lot of JUICY COUTURE
At Thai Express having this for our dinner...i order tom yam and it turn out to be not spicy and in the menu there still put a chili clip
This is the tom yam!NOT SPICY

Durian Milkshake...the taste is nice...!!

And i got this cute lil white...the pink ones not mine...although the pinky goggle look nicer but compare to mine it is not as good as mine...*LOL*
Rest our feet at San Francisco Coffee...and saw this star shape cookie and i regret that i bought it ...uackx! The taste is WEIRD!

Nothing to do and i capture this...PAC MAN eating Cookie...not funny and its uggly...i know!PAC MAN defeat STARRY

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