Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We love to gossip about this girl in our class because all the things of hers is so PRETTY that i wanted to know where she buy it and that's why she is so important to us. Geveta saw she is using this new handbag. (patiently waiting to see it) Eww, it turned out to be the "AH MA" handbag. So, i decided to ask Celine.

me :"What brand izit?"

Celine :" CHANEL le"
me :"FUCK, impossible!!"(doubting)
Celine :"yala, you go and see. That's the CHANEL symbol rite?"
me : "yalor...it the Chanel symbol. Wah, people upgrade already lor but we haven't."
Celine :"We poor ma. How to do?"
me :"so we only afford to buy topshop and esprit only lor."

But we all know that's a fake CHANEL and it is pretty ugly. Nobody would take it out even a single minute and i would rather die than taking it out. It look so 5 minutes ago. Actually, i curi-curi take this picture to let you guys to see it. Nice? I don't think so.
Spotted at 22 december 2008 , 8.45 a.m

So, what do you guys think about this handbag?