Thursday, February 4, 2010

The week that freaks me OUT!

Done everything. Most important is the one that i hated most- Exam! Everyone hates exam i think tho some abnormal people won't and they like it so much that they said exam are the easiest and the best time to relax!? What the eff!

Pretty stress out thru the week. I remember saying that I don't wanna go for the exam and pretend like I overslept. At last I went cus I got scolding from my housemate and well few friends said that I'm crazy that I rather let it failed than trying to do. It's not my fault so blame the friggin course that need like loads of graphs and theories to memorize. I aint good at memorizing so when I freak out I'll do something that is totally crazy like trying to skip exam. Luckily, it aint that bad so you know, I need to burn more joystick. =D

I love when someone accompany me to revise so i called kiising out as she is so ok with everything even you say let's go genting and study, she'll agree as well. Yea, we did went genting to study (we really did study) and its so cold that i have to hide inside and it's so foggy. =)

She really look like she's reading but whenever you ask her she'll replied I dunno what isit talking about.=-=

My notes. It's my nightmare.

Things to bring along- Lappie and purse(never know when you have to belanja). As you will get bored easily when you keep on reading.

I became so good that i didn't gossip for such a long time.Oh maybe cus no one gossip to me? yea, right.

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