Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yet another day

There's this flats that I crave for long...erm...for one month. Does it counted as long? I think so.

Yeah...I'm so going to get it today. Awesome shop- Revenge. Ya,the shop name revenge! Weird? I think so too for the first time when I passed by but never judge by its name. This shop is totally awesome. Those shoes are perfectly made and comfy as well. Well, prices are reasonable too. The price starts from Rm16(when there's discount) till Rm100(maybe more but I don't know).

I wanna get it in black but sadly no size just left size 9 which it is way to big for my large size7 feet. Nevermind, I got it in beige color(though not as nice as black).


I heard there's protest at the middle of the town. True or not I'm not sure but who cares I still went out. This is our(Fuckee and me) most lucky day ever as almost all the food stall are closed. I missed the asam laksa. Delicious.

Next station, Pavillion!

Again! The only place we can go. T________T

Brunch at Athena. Everything was great even service. Ya la, we pay that much of money ma if the service like shyt I will complain like crazy.*LaughOutLoud*

Effing love the ambiance.

Nice right?

Just opposite to Starbuck.=D

The sauce

My pink guava

Fuckee's machiatto

Oyster on the rocks

Seafood Paella

Cajun Dory Fillet

Meet up with G and her friend who come back to Msia. She's gorgeous I can say. Wish I can take a picture with her to show you all cuz nice thing we all should share right?

Spend the rest of the day shopping. Is always the same. My life really is kinda bored but fun in a way.=D

That was way back before...I know the legs...HUGE! *sigh*

Love always


  1. wah...nice shoes there...

    very nice restaurant too...will it be expensive to dine there?

  2. erm...for me i think is kinda expensive but you can try out their lunch set(only weekday) which is way much cheaper and worth should really give it a try =)