Monday, August 10, 2009

Starbuck's day!

That's last week post. I know I should post it earlier but then as usual I went back to my hometown I won't have much time to update my post since I wanna spend more time doing other stuff which I can't in KL. as usual!

I know I'm gonna miss Pavillion like mad since I'm going back so is not a sin to go there for this little time of mine. Full of surprises, I didn't even have the intention to shop or get any stuff from there. I just love it like that! Should have save so that my plan to Spore works out! People always said that spend wisely but I think I already spend very wisely but still I ended up broke every month. Okay, maybe I didn't!

Chilling at Starbuck as usual.(That's why I went there just to have a cup of coffee)

I even READ at starbuck so damn hardworking

Lady gaga was the cover girl of the month!

Cleo,see Hayden on the mag!*show off* I make you want a coffee right now? I guess NO!*LaughOutLoud*

Spotted sleeping beauty! Joking lah!

Trying to be snobbish

Let see whose eyes are nicer! I guess we all know the answer.

Pattern saya banyak sangat!

Cute guy! (He even help us to take pic! I know someone is jealous out there!)

Supa CHIO car! I heart it!

The best mall always have supa CHIO people and stuff!

Those shoes! Weird design?

Bye Pavillion---------->End of the story

Love always,


  1. I shudda go ter more often so tat can bump into u one day :)

  2. Alvin,
    great....nowadays lesser cuz I'm broke again...haha
    but then the i can call you when i go there much more

    Ya cuz sometimes study very stress so starbuck can help a lot.=D