Sunday, July 26, 2009

Loitering at Bukit Bintang

Sorry buddies that I've been so busy till can't even take out some time to update my blog. It seems to be a dead blog but it isn't cuz I've been trying to update few days before. Teehee....reasons and reasons.

Hanging out with G and Fuckee AGAIN! Don't guess cuz is always the same place...Pavillion! So boring right? No car what if not I'll just go elsewhere like The curve-best spot to chill with bestie.

G been telling me that she wanted to try at Rainforest so much which I also want too. Weekdays always have special price, don't they? Value lunch? Yup, they have. Now the secret is out, I'll just go there on weekdays. Sounds like someone who love to save but uh-heh that's not me.

The manager there was so friendly. He even came to talk to us maybe he wants us to help him promote. Now I'm doing it.*LaughOutLoud*

Nikon moment!

The view from here is just perfect cuz I spotted topshop and La Senza

The bar...nice....<3

Hot and spicy glass noodle

Peach bla bla bla(forgot bout the name)

Fuckee's turns

Coffee,Tea or Rainforest?


That's my girls!

See the blogger looks pissed but fuckee insist she likes this pic so I just post it.

Shopping time....hearts

We're totally out of our minds...we camwhore at the fitting room.

Told you so....heels are like magic cuz *poof* you're tall in a second. Now you see the evidence.

I'm totally broke this month but thanks mum for trusting me giving me magic card which makes me look more like an insane shopaholic. I never realize that the shopaholic-disease flows through my veins since the day I was born. Totally crazy when I'm saying this. Don't ever trust me when I said that I gotta save by next month. It just won't happen.


  1. Oh wow, you do looked pissed! Like some angry Janice Dickinson or something...

  2. Jake,you always makes me laugh...=)
    Thanks for that