Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beach! Not bitch

Forcing E to bring us to go Port Dickson as today weather is so nice that I desperately need to go to beach to relax due to those assignment and test which stress me out *laughoutloud*. Am finding excuses for myself. I really did force him during us having breakfast brunch (Egg+ Roti+ Kopi=healthy) at Pandan Indah. Not really force but persuading him. Bad me...*evil grin*

Headed to the curve to meet G as i promise her to meet up at there. I want to shop but then I'm broke again.*sigh* That's normal for me to be broke at the beginning of the month. What the hell did i even spend on? Probably clothes and foods.

Oh...right! Never skipped tol when you're using Garmin. Thanks to E, we tour around the whole PD because of that.

That's em'


That's our feet...=)...woo...i love the sea

That's some ugly picture of mine.

Crabby,you'll be famous after that.=)(although you died!)

Dinner at Padi(Putrajaya) was awesome. I rate it 4/5 all because of the ambiance that i love.

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