Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You make My Day

Last minute planning as Marc Hee (i called him Marc the He) wanted to 'visit' my so called home for like few times but I never let him cuz is awkward for a guy to enter a girl room . Marc crave for McD since morning.(LOL) That's when i came out with this brilliant idea(I think is so brilliant and is almost perfect).

Tada~ I suggest to order McDelivery. Clever right? NO? Then he can 'visit' and had brunch. Is so brilliante! Don't worry as Sunny join us. Celine is totally into her boyf so she's kinda BUSY!

Malaysia is hot right? I mean nowadays in KL like so freaking hot. But then this few idiots wanna had McD at outdoor rather than at home. Want me to list out? I'm the one who suggest so I'm the most idiot one.

OMG, an idiot blogger?Is the first time you and me heard that.Yup,a total idiot!

Arghh...I waited for McD for an hour is not like the first time or what. Can we complaint? Then I called they asked me to wait for 45 min.WTF I fell like showing this---> _l_(international language). Shit right? Skipped all this.

Then i had a tattoo recently

McD reached and 3 of us went down having this awesome brunch together. Celine never answered her call like forever maybe she put it silence or whatever. Then the SUN! It's sorching HOT! I really can't bare with it anymore is like you get free tanning which you didn't really want it all because it is free. Sigh...I get darker skin tone today.

We are bored till we play truth or dare. The question asked cannot be revealed as too private to be told. Teehee....XD

Yam cha moment

Participants:- Scott, Eric, Will, Fuckee and No name.
Connection at Station one suck to the max.WTF!