Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yesterday trip

It's been a very long time that I didn't went to genting.

Woohoo~thanks Will for the ride.First,we went to Pizza hut at setapak area. Angeline said that we all are crazy cuz we are at GK but went to wangsa maju Pizza hut instead. But the surrounding is important right?After that....*whoosh* here we go Genting. Sadly Angeline is not following us as she need to do something and is not important too.=)

Then is like we have two option one is watch movie the other is had coffee at Starbuck. As we always went genting just for Starbuck now we want something different that's to watch movie.

Now I realised that not only Kedah cinema is lame so do genting. Real lame! No choice we terpaksa lah watch that the last vampire or somehting like that. The scene is like so fake we plan to watch Drag me to hell for the second time which the sound system is so GENG!

Anyway is so freaking tired cuz my class is at 8a.m tomorrow and ends at 6p.m.Real tired for me! FYI when we went back home was already 2am so i seriously need to have a good sleep if not I'll be sleeping inside the lecture hall.

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