Monday, June 15, 2009


I feel like posting this since yesterday but it was kinda late when I get back so I post it today. Is still the same right?

Fuckee, Eric and me went to NZ last night and was discussing bout N97 which I crave for long since last year which I also post on my blog about it. Angeline told me that N97 launch officially and the price is Rm2480 if not mistaken better than what i thought it was(Rm3000). Apparently when i saw I was kinda disappointed as it turn out to be urmmm...not really nice. T_______T

Then back to the topic

My topic was 3310....=)

There's like tons of advantage of it.
1. You need not worry it got stolen
2. Nobody will want to steal it
3. When the carb is too hard to eat(get what i mean)
4. Cheap
5. Now is counted as antique...LOL
6. Classic
7. Extinct(almost)
8. It made you differ from other as now people just want the latest gadgets
9. Even if it falls you won't be sad though
10. You can change the cover anytime cuz is cheap
11. Center of attention
12. A good reason for you to buy a cam
13. Is all about a good mobile phone

Conclusion-3310 is the best choice of all. Cool!

Now tell me what's bad about 3310? Out-dated? or UGGly?

If you say yes then that's what make it so special.
If No then certainly you choose the right!=)

Note this:If you like N97 or Lg Prada whatever it is, you just take out a peice of paper write the model you love and stick onto it. Then that's it you got a N97 in 3310. As easy as that.


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  1. what r u talking about?? food or bag?