Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A post bout (YOU+ME=US)

Drum rolls....I present you someone cute!

Mon cheri


He's the word why cute is created.

This you must agree with me! If not....you'll KENA! Scare now?

Thanks Jake for teaching me this word 'Mon Cheri' which mean My dear in French.

'French-The world most romantic language' by

BTW I should take a clearer picture of him but he never gimme to take it.Sigh! SNAP! SNAP! Next time i gotta be fast.

Teehee...but that's my secret...shhhh...

That's me! I camwhore with my webcam(first time)
Okay...I saw how large was my eye beg and is scary I know...you don't need to remind me. Arghh...someone recommend me something to make it smaller cuz is too scary maybe I should only come out when Horrorween! Rawr......

The rings that my fav girl present to me....ssszzzz....snake Why not? I love cleopatra! It symbolize so much of her.

Hmmp...so which one you prefer? The cute ribbon or the vigorous snake

Guess what's next!?

A picture that was captured by someone in college! Randomness

Teehee...that's so nerdy of me! Usually nerd wears spec right? Or I just assume that! X)

I know is UGLY but then I post to make you laugh out loud so thanks the photographer! I know you heart him!

And tell you something secretly I upload it because I look skinny...ROFL


  1. OMG,you mentioned me and quoted me?! I haven't been quoted before!Haha... :D Thanks!

  2. P.S- I think 'mon cher' means my dear and 'mon cheri' is my darling. What the heck? Why did the French make such a complicated and confusing language?

  3. o.o....i already google it...haha...i linked you too...so people can visit your blog easily....*wink*...but then French could be such a romantic words

  4. Jake was Pietro . Pietro was Bryan .:D