Monday, June 1, 2009

Not that worst

Going back to college as i already skipped classes for a week and that's not a good sign as i left out a lot of things such as homework and the time of hanging out with friends. First day at college is just great although first period is about ethics which almost the same as moral so is just plain boring. Everybody hates that right?

Then goes maths for econ. Hmmph....well to be honest not really tough for me as for the first tutorial is about form 3 or form 4 maths, not really sure bout it. Algebraic expression. Familiar? For sure you know that. Getting tougher through chapters as always hope i can handle it well.

Later that, Law. Ughh....people usually hates that subject and is just normal if you like it maybe interest. Well who knows if you're the weird ones. Just joking. BTW, i think my lecturer are doing great and she's amazing. She makes this subject funny in a way with her LAME jokes and she admit too. So cute right? Who will admit that their jokes are lame? Law is equal to a boring subject and who don't agree with it? Remember and remember and remember! But if you get a good lecturer this subject is like so fun. I just love her for her lame jokes.Xo

"Who says learning can't be fun" by paris hilton

With love,
janee Isabella colette

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