Monday, June 1, 2009

Cut Down not Cut Out

Recently been reading Fay's blog. She's awesome-pretty,sexy and confident. She's the first to let me change my mind bout the skin tone stuff. There's people around me saying that dark skin tone is just ugly for asian. Apparently i've been trusting for decade. Not really la. But really quite a period. Cuz I'm not the fair ones so been working so hard to maintain it so that I don't turned into the dark ones again. But from what i see her, she's just so confidence in everthing even her skin tone is dark but she still look great with her asian-like-face. She's my idol now.teehee...

So,back to the topic

Fay's blog is mostly about health. Quite useful i think to those who want a healthy diet. Like me as an example who really gain a lot of weight recently by chewing and biting chocolate bars or sweet maybe junk food like it's free. Oh god, i seriously need to take a look at the mirror and says who's that fat girl in the mirror and realize that's me and keep repeating it for months so that i cut down the numbers of chocolate or sweets that i consume for the past few months.WTF. T___________T

And the other way is by sticking the post-it note(written: Beware what you eat or see what's in your hand) in every corner of my room so i could throw all my gain-weight-treats in the dustbin or maybe flush it away.Oh WTF! I couldn't do that if not the toilet bowl will get stuck and it cost more.

Get myself a healthy diet is the best way and is BRILLIANT!
Beware or avoid:-
  • Fast food
  • Ice-cream
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate bars
  • French fries
  • Cakes

Once in a while is okay for us to consume as a treat for us btw is impossible to not eat them.

Start from tomorrow.LOL

With love,

Janee Isabella Colette

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  1. Well, you are what you eat. :D And are you really fat? Because I haven't seen you in a long time and you always look skinny.