Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Way to go, guys!

This is it! Results are coming out today.

Guess who is the kind-hearted person to help em' to check it.
  1. Haiya...guess what la...sure you one la...the only free person who skipped her lecture for one weeeak.(WTF)T__________T
  2. erhmm..... guess one of you so-called kind-hearted friend.
  3. Siapa lagi!? College give out the result slip one ma. Stupid!
If you guess (1) then i shall call you as a genius. If (2) and (3) then your punishment is to read my blog again.Teehee...

So,congratulation to all of you(babe or dude) as your result is simply purrfect i can say.

Now says:"To DEC" *pop the champagne*

current mood:"gaiety"

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