Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jezz...I'm safe!

Recently, I've been blogging about "reasonable reasons" to tell my lecturers (yeap,not just one but seven of them) and "I'm busted" and it's all related to this sweet escape of mine.

To be honest, I've been acting cool like i pretend not to care everything but my mind just can't stop thinking of college and how fun would it be with my friends by now btw they enjoy this whole week without me. Watch movie, having lunch together and karaoke(i hate most but is kinda fun with a bunch of crazy friends)

Is so long after all of us hang out together.
Names that involved.

  • Yoong wai (lunatic)
  • Chu Ken (talkative)
  • Geveta (outstanding)
  • Celine (gorgeous)
  • Sunny (random)
  • Ken (one word:-responsible)
  • Kui Nam (always bombard people)
  • William (quiet always)
  • ... i forget his name (his is weird i know that)
Last but not least....the blogger, Janee Isabella Colette aka JIC
Hmmph...let see what word that can best describe her.

One word says it all: Unpredictable!

Alright now I wanna introduce the other group of girls. Jia wei-smart , Kar mun-skinny , Chia wen-... , Ester-friendly and Hui shan-petite.
The word "other" shows all. I dunno why we really can't get along. Maybe because we love fashion and they love books. Not to say that I'm fashionable or what but they have all the looks and ready to be a real geek-type-girl. They can even study at canteen and go to the library after class but us....Shop! Gossip! Movie!

S**T....side tracking again.

Anyway, i wanted to thank G so much for helping me with the lies. Now I'm on the safe line. Jezz

To G
You are like my separated twins. You know that I'm gonna ask you and you call me. So brillante!

Love you.Hugs.


  1. You have a psychic twin? O.o Cool...

  2. ooh. my good friend and i can go shopping, eat, movies and then go to library to retreat. we r pretty flexible. :)


  3. No....just my coursemate. so weird we can't get along well

  4. what? so great? After shopping all of us just went back even after we have class....teehee just a bunch of lazy people we are....haha