Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh god!

Sigh...exam is around the corner.Yep! I'm so sure about it.

I was in front of my lappie (24/7) then sunny text me.

S:"Hey,the exam time-table is out."
J:"Izit?Then f**k la"
S:"Hmmph...ES on next thurs and FOM on 2th of may."
J:"What?So late?"
S:"Ya la,we have one week plus to study the FOM."
J:"Shit!The one week what i gonna do?So,going cameron with em'?"
S:"I think mostly a no coz am having JPJ."

Cos of the exam finish so late nobody go Cameron with me.*sobbing*

But there's one girl going even in the same class we never talk.Okay, i tried to talk to her once and she was like so snobbish she pretend like she didn't hear anything.WTF

And know what? She hates me. Like i owe her a million or what. I still remember how the first time she set me up and that time i still don't know who she is. Ughh...hater.

Now that somebody letting the rumors out saying that i hate her bla...bla...bla...and certainly not, i don't hate her but for the first time i really do angry but not HATE even though that time i say i hate her but i didn't mean it just that when you're angry you just say it so that you feel better. So that bastard/bitch out there you better watch out. Imma kick your ass.

The situation is like so weird when just the two girls and they didn't talk to each other on the whole journey. Feel like cacated. That's why i think i won't be going too as it would be an unhappy road trip for both of us. I don't want any cat fight to happen.*avoiding*

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