Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's so damn scary

I found someone to bring me to Sunway *whistling in joy*

Waited this movie since last year-My bloody valentine in 3D. I've always wanted to watch movie like this as it will be more worth watching than movie like wild child, bolts, ice age just to list a few. Besides,I love horror movie and just a simple reason because to scare the freak out of me.

It turn out to not to be what I've expected as i wanted to watch it in 3D so much. Dissapointed. But at least i get to watch it. I shall rate it as three and a half stars but many scene had been cut off due to some reason(too reveal as the girl died in naked, the way he kill inhumanly=violence). It could be such great movie(
☆☆☆☆☆ stars) if all scenes remain and in 3D.

Before that, I planned to watch at Cineleisure as you know i love The curve so much but it was too late. I missed the first and only show there so the latest show was at Sunway then no choice i had to watch it at there. This movie screen only at few places- KLCC, mid valley, cineleisure, Sunway Pyramid and Kepong. It's on screen for only 4 days.Too sad.


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