Thursday, April 2, 2009

My bloody valentine 3D


I took cab and change to monorial the whole bloody way just to go to Times Square to watch my BLOODY valentine. Peers said that it was a nice movie but the most important reason was i waited this movie like forever since i saw the damn trailer.


Full of surprises!

Bloody movie didn't fucking screen. I was like WTH when i saw that "Showing now" was that stupid Dragon ball. Who would fucking watch that movie in 3D? Arghh~i want my bloody valentine! Cis~ spoil my mood.

Mr.ramen was definetly where i had my dinner. No customer except for Fuckee and me. Awesome... coz it felt like i booked the whole restaurant for the two of us and all the waiter were serving just us!*on cloud nine*

3 stars for the food we ordered.

Guess where we went later?

Home la, of course!

P.S: April fool,everyone!

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