Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kedah, I'm back!

After the six hours long bloody hell journey and yes,man I'm back to....erhh...somewhere of the mother earth. At that moment i think i was lost("Ahhhhhh! that's what i scream out),trying to find sign board or anything that can at least help me to figure out where i'm now.There is a complete silent at a moment until wolves howl in a happy tone. Hearing footstep everywhere i go and found something that could help me that is "Alor star". So, i google it myself and finally i get the answer.

There's a sentence writing "Dumbass you're now at your hometown!"

Then i replied:"I know la, just wanna write more things in my blog only ma,cannot is it?"

Okay,back to the point. So what i was trying to say is yep,I'm finally back to my hometown again! Wee~don't ya feel happy for me? Is okay if you didn't.

I miss my bestie like crazy as you can see we are all far apart like for months which i felt like years.Heart em' they are the best! I truly hope that we could hang out as it's so hard for us to meet up again.*sob*

The most i heart is ma indescribable sister,she is the most amazing woman i ever seen in my whole life but she's after my mom.LOL. When she said that she will be coming back this June i went crazy like a wild animal but mentally not physically.

Kedah really is a great place,it is peaceful and unpolluted.
Note that! I freaking hate those fucker saying that Kedah is some sort a ulu place.Fuck em' all! Is that a truth? Hell no! I once heard some idiotic asking a very stupid question whether kedah people stay on top of the tree? I'm wondering is he from mars or what? Then there comes another dumbass asking me whether Kedah have shopping centre. Another one even said that a place that is so ulu also have KFC. Where the hell those people from? Is it in their mind, ulu equals to have nothing like connection, water, electricity and even mobile phones? Maybe they are the peoples from decades ago aka barbarous.Who knows right? Property of malaysia. So,those boors out there mind your words because what you are asking me let me feels that you know nothing about other country except your own fucking home!

P.S:I missed the grand nine west fashion show!T.T

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