Sunday, March 22, 2009

Steamboat for the day


Love it so much...

Angeline was the one that planned to have steamboat today.Yea...successful although just the six of us.

Place: OUG(Kheng's house)
Time: 9 p.m
Organizer: Angeline

OUG was a great place(strategic i mean) and i was so in love with it.Back to the topic! The schedule was something like that:
1. 5p.m reach Tesco (ampang)
2. 7p.m went to Gilbert's house to meet gougou,coco and dandan(three doggy)
3. 8p.m(oh god traffic jam) fetch De guang

4. 9p.m reached Kheng's place
5. 9.45p.m finish preparing all the things that is needed for steamboat
6. 10p.m just had our dinner
7. 11p.m play game
8. 12.15a.m watch movie using projector(evil smile)
9. 3a.m finally headed home

10. 4.15a.m reached home

Poor me and ning didn't have enough sleep as
the next day today(7a.m) we are going to Taman Rekreasi Air panas.Woo~hoo~told ya life at KL is so damn great.

This is a vid about gougou

Pic that i captured!

View from Kheng's house.(three storey lo!)


A wide variety of food.


That's all for today

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