Friday, March 20, 2009


Okay...this was yesterday news kinda out-dated actually.teeheehee

My test and presentation happened on the same date.OMG! I always feel nervous and would be shaking(just a lil) till my time to present so did this time.Really everytime, how can i possibly overcome it? Oh God,please show me the way.

Ugh,the comment is always the same too-Jen Ing,your voice is getting
softer and softer! Argh...the same old comment...feel so bored hearing the same comment over and over again.I really don't think that i speak so softly cos i love to speak loudly with my friends. Yeah...i don't care anything about my image.Anyway,i am glad that i am done with this sem presentation.LOL

Picture of em'

sunny and celine

G aka geveta

P.S:I'm busy eating ice-teru so didn't took picture of myself.XD

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