Thursday, January 22, 2009

What girls usually love to do

1.They can shop the whole day and didn't even need to rest their precious feet....(shopping marathon is what we called)

2.Dress-up grogeously

3.They spend without hesitating and limiting themselves

4.They bargain and never feel tired

5.They love taking picture but boy doesn't...WHY?(but not ALL)

6.Not all the clothes they buy and would wear it...(waste of resources)

7.Act cute in front of guys(i hate the most...and show that how sluty they are!Not ALL and mostly they are in a group/gang...THE ACT CUTE-RS)

8.Loyalty to the guy that do not loved her (but not all..and i am excluded)

9.Accept gift from guys...(UGLY things EXCLUDED)

10.Believe in fairy tales--->HAPPILY EVER AFTER....crap!

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