Saturday, January 24, 2009

When we are old,that's what we look like!!

What do you think FOA stands for?

Hmm....I know what you are thinking...








Fuck off asshole!

HA~HA~HA~(not funny though)

No,it actually stands for Fundamental of accounting.

and i absofuckinglutely hate this subject.Know why?

My reason is simple.

Because i don't even know a shit of it *ARGGG* and if i fail and i will hate this subject for the rest of my life.

I think i will live for about 80++ but i hope that my life will end at something around 65...and once i told my roommate that i just wanna live till 50 years old.

Know what?

She scold me fierce rite?(SORRY ning for making you sound so fierce...ask for forgiveness *puppy eyes*)

Actually she didn't scold me but she told me that i should use all my money or savings (if i have) to travel around the world or that i can live my life to the fullest...

So,how will i enjoy my life with all my money / savings? I am pretty sure that i know how to enjoy my life well.XD

1. I will go to JAPAN
2. Fully utilize my money by buying clothes, shoes and gadgets

3. I will travel to all the world just to have different type of dinner everyday...
4. I will set up personal fish spa at my own room
5. Having back massage every afternoon.

6. Hire assassin to kill/assassinate those who i hate.
7. Buy a red colored Ferrari
8. Go for outdoor activity with friends(I'll be too old for that)
9. High tea with friends.
10. Shop for LV.

This would only happen when I'm rich..please do slap me so that I'm awake...*Phiak* (It hurts)

I have my own reason why i don't want to live till 80.

My grand child will ask me:" Ah ma, i think you should iron your SKIN." (kids are evil)

and I will replied:"Fuck fuck face!" LOL

2.) UGLY
Surely i will look ugly when I'm old...everything goes down...and you know what i mean...=p
And the more the old folks i saw the more I'm scared to be old.
Almost 99.999999999999(infinity)% old folks that i saw are UGLY.And i don't want to be one of em'.
When I'm old this is what I'll do....
smash all the that i don't know how UGLY i look.

That's where the idea of 'UGLY DUCKLING' came across.And it should be titled the swan transform into an ugly duck.*Phewit* I know I'm smart!
When we are young, we are good looking right?But old....ahem...ugly is the only phrase that i can think of.

Alzheimer's disease (AD)
Old folks will start forgetting things...It is too funny to forget who my kids was and the most terrible was to forget my own
(to know more about this disease google it!)

4.) SLOW
Old folks can't run even tortoise are faster than them.Am i right?
What if i get robbed? In this realistic world, nobody will help the old-s.

Oh~~~I forget something important! They can't even chew...SHIT!!! They swallow everything they eat.NO teeth!

And they need to care about their health...which i won't want to do in my entire life.
NO SEAFOOD! No this , No that , and A BIG NO to everything.

YES to porridge.=P
I love porridge but not for my fucking entire life eating this !

(keep sidetracking)

You have the rights to know all this stuff and to choose to live for
100 years's your choice !
You can choose to be as cool as them...(X.X) NO HARM!



WAHAHAHAHA "echo WAHA Ha ha hIa"

I promise that I`ll be updating soon . :)

Love always,

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