Thursday, September 9, 2010

you will be missed

I've been emo-ing for days and there's a reason for that. Usually i emo for no reason and i think people around me is kinda piss by my mood swing. Sadly, sugar is dead.Ya i know, I bought sugar like months ago and now she is DEAD?! I didn't know why and what makes it died by I'm still figuring it out. Probably not enough protein or whatever possible reason there might be. Feeling like an animal killer now. :(

I'm still a 100 percent animal lover and for what had happened, I think I shouldn't have any pet anymore. Restricting self.  Still I really feel bad and sad for what had happened to my sugarlove..

Sugar always accompany me when I'm bored . Now that she's gone, I feel pretty lonely to be honest. Baby, i'll miss you.

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