Saturday, September 11, 2010

A must go place for coffee lover (@Typica)

As usual, I'm up late from bed. There's something evil about my room, ya see, anyone that stay over there will be so lazy to wake up and will be sleeping till at least 10am. Evil much?

Jolyn reckon me to this small cafe in town, somewhere near to Times Square but you guys probably do not know this mall , which is called Shaw parade. I kinda lost my way when I first went there. It's located  behind Times Square. The ambience is great so do the service there. What I like most about it, is that the coffee there is so special, such as pandan latte which smell really good, soyacino , kopi luwak and etc. I wanted to try the Kopi Luwak but it cost a friggin 180MYR ,way too expensive for me. I ended up ordering Costa Rica.


Jolyn's Rose Latte(iced)

Costa Rica. The aroma of the coffee...mmmm

Pandan Latte

Ro's rose latte

Mango cheese cake

Yam Cheese cake is love

I'm like a sardin in a tin . There can be super pack sometimes

Moi. Playing w lappie as if I didn't get to online @home.


Nice place to gossip as well.

Spot me, busying reading mag

HAHAHA...she really can make me goes LOL at times.(inside story)

Loves from JaneeIsabell

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