Friday, August 21, 2009

// Is branded stuff equals everything? //

Actually is there differences between branded clothes and not branded ones?

I admit that I'm like others who really love branded stuff. Who don't like Gucci, Chanel, Prada or perhaps Louis Vuitton!

Do branded stuff symbolize who we are? What standard we are?
Maybe is just self-satisfaction or a label of you (Is like your friends passed by Zara and think of you. Just like, Oh! That's her fave brand!)

It does not matter if we wear some cheap clothes from night market. Is the matter of how you wear it and how you makes it look expensive on you.

Cheap clothes do not equal to not expensive just that they do not have a name which they can sell at a higher price. Not all branded stuff are in good quality but I admit that their cutting are nicer and you will look perfect in it is like what you want it to be on you. The non-branded clothes also have but you must spend some time to find it.

Is it worth for you using your time to find it and save more? It still depends on us.

I still buy cheap stuff cuz is cheap and when you own it the satisfaction you got is the same as branded ones.

People usually said that rich ones use branded stuff? Is it true or just a rumor?
I can tell you is not what we think. I had a friend she's rich but she never buy the stuff from Topshop or F21. Topshop is still affordable but to her is not worth it. She love to shop for cheaper price stuff.

Saving can makes you rich as well.

There are also friends that are brand concious. The worse one- Like you're wearing some clothes from Sungei Wang. They will be like....err...what are you wearing? When you said where you got it. They will be like ughh...! How can you buy it or maybe saying something bad behind your back.

One way- Ignore them! Think that they're jealous cuz you don't mind what they think and you can wear it gorgeously.

So,I think is the matter of how we wear it on ourselves. Is not all about brand!

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  1. Nice saving tips. Actually I think the same way too and that's how I saved lots of money. Love your post!