Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello, Genting!

Is the same as the rest of the other day....plain boring!

Boredom kills!

I am not a good friends as us (Cubi, Choon li and Fuckee) indirectly force Meng by persuading him not to go to his tutorial class since class equals bored!*LaughOutLoud*

Through the process he already miss the last bus to kampung. I mean Kampar. Now, Plan B force Meng to ask his friend to go Genting. Got transport ma! Wasting all those saliva is worth it since here we go, Genting!

Nothing much to do except having pizza as supper and coffee to keep us alert! Camwhore is always a must.

Let those picture do the talking!

Spot that guy? He's the one with car. When can I get one?Arghhh *Blame the cam for being so lousy =)

That's Meng with girls surrounding him. I know he's LUCKY and you know why.*ROFLMAO*

The three of us. From Left: Cubi, Janee and Fuckee

With Love,

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