Monday, August 31, 2009

//Gossiping is awesome//

Yet a normal day for Jen! Sigh

How can life be so boring sometimes? I'm still wondering...

Ya, but the greatest thing I did was gossiping. I guess back at Kedah I have nothing much to do. Shopping is impossible since you know kampung is like that but a place to relax.

Meet up with bestie, Cubi and Thong. They're awesome I can tell you. Maybe awesome people have awesome friend. *LaughOutLoud*

Jeez...can you imagine we chat for 2 hours 45 min without taking a break. I guess it happen to everyone cuz we haven't meet for a month. Lotsa things to gossip especially the juicy ones. we got new HOT TOPIC!

If mum doesn't nag I would have come back late maybe we can gossip until 3 in the morning. BTW I mist the fun! Arghh...sometimes I just hate when I come back cuz I miss a lot of thing especially the fashion show. Nevermind...since I got new stuff. Wahahaha....that's why I come back!

Have a nice day,peeps!=)

Signing off

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