Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday !? Thrilled!

Sometimes I just love end of the month, know why? Cuz I get my pocket money then is time for me to shop again. =D

The trouble being a girl is that we can't resist the temptation to shop. Blame who? I'm born with the characteristic of a shopaholic. God created me to be like that so that shopaholic like us help the economy of our country. Hmmp...sounds great. Not really bad to be one.Teehee

Fuckee craves for this long dress at F21 due to some financial prob(not just her but me as well) , she didn't get to buy it. Once money is bank in by our parents, here she goes....zoom to Pavillion. I know she's really into this dress as it is kinda nice on her as her height is hard to find one really suitable long dress. Go get it girl. We all know that F21 stuff sold out quite fast is like you're hesitating for a moment then you went back the thing is gone from its original place. Scary!

I'm the one who get nothing but she get like 3 dress with a flat. Jealous. Is hard to admit that I was kinda lame for haven't dine in at Godiva before. So, that's my next station for today.

Service was ok. Food was great. Drinks was.... not really like it.

There's a suggestion from me. The very-chocolate stuff never never order one per person, you'll definitely regret. For beverage is also best to share although some people don't like sharing but that's the best cuz is hard to finish it up by yourself. It doesn't apply for people who are rich and love wasting food.

We always thought that we could finish up everything so we love to order a few to try but it turned up a NO.

Mint hot chocolate

Molten chocolate

Heehee...I forget the name again!

Such a waste. Wish someone to help us finish it up.

I still prefer Chocolate lounge as everything is better than Godiva. Hell better!Really!

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