Monday, June 22, 2009

It's SUNDAY! So what do you expect?

"It's SUNDAY! So what do you expect?"-I love my title to the max!

Ask me why i choose this title but even you don't ask I'll tell you also.Teehee....=)
Is obvious right? The post is about "SUNDAY" so what could it be more?The "What do you expect" is I'm trying to be cool. Cool? No!?

I just realize that yesterday is actually Father's Day which I never put it in my mind like for forever. Is that so important? So,I think you already know what I did yesterday. I didn't wish my dad. Sorry dad,I've been a useless and forgetful daughter since the day i was born so who is to blame?Anyway,the most important is HEART.=) Self-comfort!

I love sunday and I couldn't deny it.What day would be better than a perfect sunday! Monday? Or maybe Tuesday? Certainly a NO! We all knew.

Btw what's so great bout sunday is the flea market at The curve which I wanted to go every week. Transport is always the problem. So evil! Dad gimme a Honda city and I'll remember every Father's day in the following years.

"Thanks E for doing a good deed by providing transport.I always said that you're the best and is true! Hearts!"by JIC

Should've known. Is full of orang! Walao....tak betul la tu. We made our choice and certainly not a good one. Paddington house of pancake for dinner. I think is insane! Foods are nice except for what we order almost all they didn't have. Next time i surely will come back for the smoked salmon.*yum yum*

Picture which are taken will be posted later as I'll be going out soon. That's right!Fast update.

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