Friday, April 24, 2009

What a sad scene

I don't even dare to believe what i heard and saw last night. It's too cruel for this asshole to ditch that poor girl and left with his car,leaving this helpless girl all alone at there.

So,it actually occurs during the late night at around 11.30p.m after we(Fuckee, Eric, Scott, the so-called "gu tin lok"[louis koo], and of course me,the blogger) left Murni. FYI, Murni is always loaded with people so we need to walk for a distance as lotsa people = lotsa cars. Hmmp... back to the story.When we almost reached our car then there was an argument between a couple. Then there goes the conversation between em.

Girl:"You take my sim card is it?"(crying)
Boy:"..."(in the longkang)
Girl:"Come out,don't go in there."(still crying)
Boy:"..."(finally,he come out from there)
Girl:"Answer me,you take my sim card is it? Show me if you took it. Give it back to me."(still crying)
Boy:"..."(push the girl away and drive off)
Girl:"..."(keep crying and feeling lost as she don't even have a sim card and been left by that bastard)

I felt so sorry for that girl as I can't even help her. Helping her to scold that bastard? Is certainly not a good idea cos is non of my business but i do feel angry as that bastard can even ditch her at no where, stole her sim card and still dare to drive away. He is so like beat her down and I mean chris brown. He didn't beat her though but in a sense of touturing her as she seems so lost and don't even know what to do. Pity her! In my opinion,if that girl really did something sorry to him, he has no rights to do so to her. Felt like showing middle finger to that bastard.

E was like where's she going?(Keep asking me, so annoying) I was like i'm not her where the hell am i know she's going? I know he's just kind-hearted and wanted to help her but how can we help her? So,as always i shouted at him 'Could you just shut up for like 5 sec?'.I'm so sorry that i scolded him but i can't help it so frustrated. In that moment i felt like i'm a 'oak ke bo'.

Do you think that she should dump him?
Is he acting like Chris brown? Or just another Chris brown?

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