Monday, April 13, 2009

GPS all day long

*mobile phone ringing* Hmmp...there i got a message from Eric.
Jen:"Hmmp...later will be alone.Is kinda boring staying at home."
Eric:"So wanna teman me go to eat my lunch?"
Jen:"Yea can also somemore i am so boring here."
A yes then i get to go to Kuchai lama,kinda worth it but actually i don't feel like going out but too boring at home.Even with GPS we lost, but I'm the one who made us lost cos i kep
t telling him just go straight.WTF, i don't even know how this f**king GPS works and how to see it. You can said that i am dumb and I'll totally agree with you. At last we still reached that place-Formosa. My stomach was rumbling like mad and yet there was so many people. Ughh...i hate waiting even though i tell him i don't mind but in actual fact i mind. Takkan la I wanna tell him i mind when he fetch me all the way from wangsa to here. So what i can do is to pretend to smile and said "I DON"T MIND!".

This is what i ordered-fried egg with oyster...*yummy*

After finished and chit-chat for like 2 hours then I told him to bring me to The curve(a must go place).Saturday and sunday was the best day to go to the curve as there's flea market. And again we lost for 1 hour. Better than before.XD

Rain! Rain! Rain! Then what? Flea market closed all because of the heavy downpour. FTW

We loitering around and came out with a brilliant idea that is to watch movie. Thrilled that i saw My bloody valentine was "Now showing" and that's a lie because the movie was playing tomorrow. Pissed! Why would some idiotic put the "Now showing" when tomorrow will be screening? Pity me, that i kena watch fast and furious for the 2nd time. It's okay when the movie was nice but FnF4 was not that nice compare to 2F2F so watch for the 2nd time was kinda boring. Great things actually do happen that we walk into Hall 8 instead of Hall 9. From FnF4 to he's just not that into you. We watched for about 20 minutes and there somebody came in so i need to watch FnF4 again. Nothing changed.

Luckily, this time i didn't lost my spec. Wee~

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