Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yet another random day


I was late to college again!

Wake up early in the morning(10a.m) was always that tough for me.Why? Maybe because of having insomnia recently.*sigh*

Oh~!Something important to announce. Please support Earth Hour! I can't wait to see how was KL with no light on. Yoo~hoo~ great day would happened on me that day.Don't wanna tell you what is so great about!*tongue hanging out* Hmm...pity you so i tell you*LOL*. So great because...Angeline invite us to go genting so that we can see the view from there. Perfect right? Wanna join? Or feel like going Genting?

I have phobia about Genting as you see Fuckee loves Genting so much(more than anything except shopping) so before that we stay at Genting for days (please noticed the 'S'). Anyway, i didn't even need to spend a single cent at there.Great huh?

I would stop right here as nothing special had happen recently.Raining still! Making me feel so sleepy.ZZZZzz

*Will update soon.

Love ya!


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