Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BB cream

I am sure that all of you had heard BB cream before or seen the ad at magazine.

So, here's the great news for everyone as i can get cheaper BB cream compare to the price you can get outside.It's real not the fake one.

Actually, my friend sister is selling so if anyone is interested i could try to ask her to pos to you if you're really interested.

There is two type of BB cream she's selling. One is for people with freckle (Rm76)the other one is for freckless(Rm70).My friend once told me that outside sold for Rm100+ .

Other than that,she also sell all kinds of japanese famous skin care ,cosmetic or hair product.
-Jill stuart(cosmetic box and lip gloss)

-sexy girl
-anna sui
and many more...(most of the product you will saw in 女人我最大)

For slimming

I truly love this.
To prove that it is real...Teehehee

If you don't believe you can check the price at sasa webpage. This sexy girl night oil repair essence if you get it at sasa it will cost you more than Rm50 and i just get it for Rm40 something. I used it quite a while and i realise that i really like it.

so,who is interested or enquiry can leave comment in my chat box.

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