Monday, February 16, 2009


We reached langkawi at about 2.45p.m and rent a car(sentra) for rm90(26 hours).

The most interesting part when we went Langkawi was...

All of us(von,huan chin,me) getting nervous when Von started to tell us something that we don't wish to hear it.

Von:"Ei,no oil already!"
Jen:"warioz,f**k!They tak tau tambah minyak ke?"
Jen:"WTF!"(keep repeating)
Von:"how come still didn't see the petrol station?"
Jen:"Right kut,the map is like that de ma but the road is kinda weird.Keep on driving see."
Von:"shit!What is this?"
Jen:"OMFG,wrong road!(calling the agent)Fucktards,didn't pick up the phone!Fucker! Nevermind i ask that person see (thinking that he can help)"
Guard:"(telling us how to go to the nearest petrol station)"
Jen:"no oil le still happen such things."

Keep on driving...and we still didn't even saw a fucking petrol station.

Ask whoever we saw. Until we met a kind, helpful and caring motorist who showed us the way. First,i thought he wouldn't want to and drove away but i was wrong about him.So sorry.
Hchin was so crazy that he said we should have given him Rm10 as gratitude.

Relief after we saw Petronas.

I was so dumb that i pay Rm80 for the petrol and full tank was just Rm69.Arghh~
so dumb right?WTF

This is all the photo...XD

I spotted this..saw spongebob!?...i wonder how they got the courage to take it out.FUGLY!

We go to
putomayo for our lunch!

hip~hip~hooray!I heart beach!

Me and Von

I know they just couldn't resist it.

teeheehee...i love the sand...

The view...i can feel the breeze beating my face..aww

Hchin caught a crabby...and died the second day...not our fault!

I found it!

Cute penguin theme dustbin...but do you think they will throw rubbish into it? malaysian don't

Why would they put this outside?should have ask.*sigh*

We really know how to enjoy ourselves even in the midnight! 5% only won't mabuk!

So yummy but cost us about Rm150 because of the Rm95 mantis prawn!*toot* I swear i won't come to this shop AGAIN!

My precious fedora and i accidentally pull out the ribbon just after i bought it.

He killed your dad!?LOL

~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~2nd day~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~

Me and Von again!

Can't wait to sit cable car even though i'm bit very scare.

Saw? HIGH!

This is what I'm going to cross later.

The scenery here was AWESOME!



Von,why you shit here?

Sob...Sob...I'm going back!

I will upload more pictures later.

P/S:Langkawi is a good place to go if you love chocolate which is duty free,nike and adidas too.

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