Sunday, January 18, 2009

Costly spec

This happen at Petaling street for a costly spec...(not really)

me:"how much for this?"

Ah beng:"Rm25 only."

me:"wah, expensive! Nevermind i don't want already."

Fuckee:"wei,expensive le!"

me:"ya larx... crazy."

Ah beng:"xiao jie, very cheap already la.If not you want how much? I count you cheaper."


Ah beng:"Can't la, this afternoon we sold 2 out already with Rm25.If not i count you Rm20.Cuz you come alone and didn't bring parent with you!"

me:"(thinking wtf) don't want already too expensive!"

Ah beng:"okay lar,Rm18.Actually i wanna sell it for Rm69.90(showing me the price tag)"

Fuckee:" don't want (telling me not to buy)."


Ah beng:"Xiao jie, okay la Rm17."

Fuckee:"still expensive we want it for Rm15."

Me:"(lazy)Okay take it for Rm17."

Finally, i get my hand on it.♥♥♥

Altough, i know it didn't suit me well! But i stil love it!

I am always the lazy one to bargain with those people cuz i know it's a tiring job.

The more i BARGAIN the more i look like an

to be one of those.

And,never get cheated by Ah beng at petaling street. He even dare to show me he wanna sell it for Rm69.90 for that stupid spec!FTW

The other thing is i hate them calling me xiao sound lik PROS!!


Don't call me that i hate it!

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